I've recently had the pleasure of testing the Kailas Frozen Waterfall Extreme Ice Climbing Hardshell Pant. Kailas is a huge Asian brand looking to expand into the NA market. Verticall store was kind enough to arrange for the sample - they're based in Ottawa, will be at SOICeFest3 and are motivated to give back to the climbing community to ensure it remains strong and vibrant.

You can instantly tell there's been a lot of thought put into their design: nice panelling, good features and innovative combinations of materials. When you try them on, you quickly realize they run small - it's best to upsize by two sizes, so if you routinely wear Medium, consider going for the XL's. I wish I went with the XXLs, but even so, the stretchy fabrics were forgiving allowing me to force highsteps without having to hop into position.

The soft materials make you want to put them on, and you just know they'll be cozy. Kailas incorporated a checkered fleece into the seat of the pant, nice when in an act of chivalry you offered your partner the ropes to sit on through the night...

All the seems are taped, and the stitching seems good.

I really liked the panelling and the fusion of materials. They give a good fit and offer good mobility. I really came to appreciate the slashed zipper vents, which had a mesh backing; this allowed for venting without risking snow finding its way inside your pants after a collapsed step, sees you fall waste deep into the snow. The zippers are all waterproof and double stitched.

The knee patches are pretty cool, with a multi-textered surface - they were made for that desperate knee scum (just like at the top of This Ain't No Foolong Around, Skel #2), and have an almost rubber-like tread pattern for added grip. I didn't notice any excessive wear from ice screw abrasion, although some threads were starting to show. The pant bottoms were equally cool, with an adjustable hem, and a hook for locking it down to the laces, eliminating the need for gaitors.

So are there any drawbacks?

For sure, no piece is perfect: the website price is currenlty 309 USD, giving it a higher price point; the softness of the material (being an open weave) makes it less durable, and the colour choice is somewhat lacking (you cant even go with an all black option. It's either orange, or blue and red). Although I didn't get wet, the waterproofness seems on the light end of the spectrum.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions: