Ice climbing in SO is a gem waiting to be discovered by those with open eyes. The climbing shouldn't be compared to Willoughby, the real (CDN) Rockies, Kandersteg, Chile or Norway, but take note - ice climbing in SO is worthy of attention. It's special, unique and like all ice and mixed climbing, it's engaging. It's true that nowhere does one have to wake up as early, drive as far, trek/ski farther across frozen (or not so frozen) lakes to climb "short" lines, thus racking up an amusing "km driven to m climbed ratio". But there will be little evidence of others' passage. The lines will very likely be untouched allowing climbers to revel in everything that a first ascent of the season includes. The routes vary from rolling flows perfect for beginner to dripping hangers, protected by pro in roof cracks. It's all worth it! Hope to see you out there!
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